Department of English

  • Head of Department: Professor Li Jian
  • Professor of English:
  • Professor Li Jian, MA (East Anglia). He did his MA TEFL at the University of East Anglia, UK, and has published numerous articles and books on the teaching and learning of English as well as in the field of English for specific purposes. Interests: Second Language Acquisition, English for Business, English for Science and Technology.
  • Professor of Linguistics:
  • Professor Shi Baohui, BA (BLI), Cert. TEFL (Bell), MA (Essex), PhD (BLCU). His first degree was in English, consisting of two years of Chinese literature and two years of English and American Literature along with courses in English language skills, at Beijing Language Institute. After that he became a teacher of English at this university in 1983 and took a six-month course leading to a Certificate in TEFL and ESP at Bell College, Saffron Walden, in the UK. Then he did two years of teaching before completing his MA in Descriptive and Applied Linguistics at the University of Essex in the UK. He completed his PhD in Chinese linguistics at Beijing Language and Culture University in 2004. He has published widely in linguistics and applied linguistics. Interests: Phonology, Syntax, Semantics, Morphology, Sociolinguistics, Translation, Applied Linguistics.
  • Professor of Applied Linguistics:
  • Professor Xiao Wenke, BA (Shanxi), MA (Shanxi), PhD (candidate, BFU). He has a first degree in English and an MA in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, both from Shanxi University. He was Professor of English and Head of Department of Foreign Languages at Shanxi University of Finance and Economics (SXUFE) before joining this school in 2001. His experience with SXUFE has given him an interest in English for economics and business. He is currently working on a PhD at the School of Economics and Management in this university. Interests: Applied Linguistics, Testing, English for Economics and Business.
  • Associate Professors:
  • Ms. Cao Rongping, BA (BFSU), MA (Tsinghua), PhD (candidate, BFSU). Interests: Applied Linguistics, Teaching Writing.
    Ms. Chen Lisha, BA (HunanNU), MA (HunanNU), PhD (candidate, HunanNU). Interests: English and American Literature.
    Ms. Gao Yueqin, BA (NENU), MA (Beihang). Interests: Sociolinguistics.
    Ms. Li Bing, BA (Yunnan), Dip. TEFL (Wellington). Interests: Culture of English-speaking Countries, Teaching Methodology, Phonetics.
    Dr. Sun Ya, BA (AnhuiNU), MA (Anhui), PhD (Fudan). Interests: Cognitive Linguistics, Pragmatics.
    Ms. Wu Lihong, BA (InnerMongNU), Dip. TEFL (BNU), MA (Middlesex), PhD (candidate, BFSU). Interests: Cross-cultural Communication, Theories of Translation.
    Ms. Zu Guoxia, BA (BFU), MA (BFSU), PhD (candidate, BNU). Interests: Cross-cultural Communication, Western Culture and Philosophy.
  • Lecturers:
  • Dr. Fan Li, BA (BLCU), MA (BLCU), PhD (BLCU), Post-doc (ChinUHK). Interests: Syntax, Semantics, Language Acquisition.
    Ms. Jiang Lan, BA (BFSU), MA (UIBE). Interests: English for Business.
    Ms. Li Xin, BA (Shandong), MA (UIBE). Interests: English for Business.
    Ms. Liu Huijuan, BA (Nankai), MA (BLCU), PhD (candidate, CityUHK). Interests: Syntax, Semantics.
    Dr. Liu Min, BA (Ningxia), MA (SISU), PhD (SISU). Interests: Pragmatics, Translation.
    Ms. Liu Wei, BA (QufuNU)), MA (BFSU). Interests: Pragmatics.
    Ms. Luo Can, BA (CenChNU), MA (Wuhan), PhD (candidate, BFSU). Interests: Literature.
    Ms. Yi Sufang, BA (Wuhan), MA (BLCU), MLA (Pascal). Interests: Syntax, Literature.
    Mr. Zheng Tao, BA (SichuanNU), MA (CIR). Interests: Writing, Literature.
  • Instructor:
  • Ms. Bronwyn Jane Anzai, BA (New South Wales). Interests: English Language Teaching.
    Ms. Wang Yina, BA (Central South), MA (Central South), MPhil (Bergen). Interests: English Linguistics, English Language Teaching.

Department of Japanese and Russian

  • Head of Department: Professor Duan Keqin
  • Professor in Japanese:
  • Professor Duan Keqin, BA, MA. Interests: Japanese Language Teaching, Japanese Culture.
  • Associate Professor in Japanese:
  • Ms. Zhu Kui, BA, MA. Interests: Japanese Language Teaching, Japanese Culture.
  • Lecturers in Japanese:
  • Ms. Chen Yongmei, BA, MA. Interests: Japanese Language Teaching, Japanese Culture.
    Dr. Cui Xinshu, BA, MA, PhD. Interests: Sociolinguistics.
    Ms. Fan Tingting, BA, MA. Interests: Japanese Language Teaching, Japanese for Business and Trade.
    Ms. Liu Xiaofei, BA, MA. Interests: Japanese Language Teaching, Japanese Culture.
    Ms. Wei Ping, BA, MA. Interests: Japanese Language Teaching, Japanese Culture.
    Dr. Yu Guoying, BA, MA, PhD. Interests: Japanese Literature.
  • Lecturers in Russian:
  • Ms. Zhao Hongmei, BA. Interests: Russian Language Teaching.
  • Ms. Wang Jianqing, BA, MA. Interests: Russian Literature.

Division of College English

  • Head of Division: Professor Zi Ying
  • Professor of English Language and Culture:
  • Professor Zi Ying, BA.
  • Associate Professors:
  • Ms. Bai Xuelian, BA, MA.
    Ms. Chang Qing, BA, MA.
    Dr. Huang Xiaoyu, BA, MA, PhD.
    Ms. Liang Yanchun, BA, MA, PhD (candidate).
    Ms. Lou Ruijuan, BA.
    Mr. Wang Jingyi, BA, MA, PhD (candidate).
    Ms. Zhang Wei, BA.
  • Lecturers:
  • Mr. Chai Wansuo, BA.
    Ms. Chen Fang, BA, BA.
    Ms. Chen Xiaoying, BA, MA.
    Ms. Du Jingfen, BA, MA.
    Ms. Gao Shufang, BA, MA.
    Ms. Gao Xiaowei, BA, MA.
    Ms. Guo Tao, BA, MA.
    Ms. Jiang Yaoyi, BA, MA
    Ms. Jin Liying, BA, MA, PhD (candidate).
    Ms. Li Ran, BA.
    Ms. Li Xiaoyan, BA, MA, PhD (candidate).
    Ms. Li Yan, BA, MA.
    Ms. Li Zhi, BA, MA, PhD (candidate).
    Ms. Ling Shuya, BA.
    Ms. Long Ying, BA, MA.
    Mr. Lu Hui, BA.
    Ms. Lü Lita, BA, MA.
    Ms. Lu Xi, BA, MA.
    Ms. Lu Xiaomin, BA, MA.
    Ms. Luo Lingzhi, BA.
    Ms. Nangong Meifang, BA, MA, PhD (candidate).
    Ms. Ou Mei, BA, MA.
    Ms. Ouyang Hongliang, BA, MA.
    Ms. Peng Beiping, BA, MA.
    Ms. Wang Hui, BA, MA.
    Ms. Wang Qin, BA, MA.
    Ms. Wang Wei, BA, MA.
    Ms. Wang Xuemei, BA, MA.
    Ms. Wu Ronghui, BA.
    Ms. Xiao Chan, BA, MA.
    Ms. Xu Yanfei, BA, MA, PhD (candidate).
    Ms. You Hua, BA, MA.
    Ms. Zhang Xiuhong, BA.
    Ms. Zhang Yan, BA.
    Ms. Zhang Yongping, BA, MA.
    Ms. Zhao Qing, BA.
    Ms. Zhou Li, BA.
    Ms. Zhu Hongmei, BA, MA.
  • Instructors:
  • Ms. Long Jiangyan, BA.
    Ms. Zhu Lixuan, BA, MA.
    Ms. Zhu Xinhua, BA, MA, MA

Division of Graduate English

  • Head of Division: Professor Wu Jiangmei
  • Professor of English Language Teaching:
  • Professor Wu Jiangmei, BA, Cert. TEFL, MA.
  • Associate Professors:
  • Ms. Ma Ping, MA.
    Ms. Tao Jiawei, BA, MA.
  • Lecturers:
  • Ms. Huang Peijuan, BA, MA.
    Ms. Liu Ruomei, MA.
    Ms. Liu Zhen, BA, MA.
  • Instructors:
  • Ms. Sun Ying, BA, MA
    Ms. Wu Tiantian, BA, MA.


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