Bachelor of Arts in Japanese

  • Coordinator: Professor Duan Keqin
  • A four-year program to develop students' Japanese language skills and knowledge of language and literature. In the first two years, students do a series of courses in language development. In the third and fourth years, they follow specialist courses in Japanese linguistics, literature, and culture. Students also follow a series of English courses throughout the program.
  • Compulsory Courses:
  • General Japanese
    General English
    Japanese Grammar
    Advanced Japanese
    Japanese Literature
    Testing in Japanese
    Survey of Japan
  • Optional Courses:
  • Newspaper Reading in Japanese
    Japanese for Tourism
    Oral Interpretation
    History of Japan
    Japanese Culture
    Japanese Economy
    Correspondence in Japanese
    Japanese for Economy and Trade
    Japanese Enterprises
    Japanese for Science and Technology
    Readings in Japanese Literature
    Japanese Films


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